During the second lockdown in England, I was determined to keep making videos and writing blog posts. Despite being restricted to places that I could walk to from home, I actually discovered a lot of places that I had not noticed before, or that I had seen but always taken for granted.

Whilst walking through town one Saturday, I walked across the mini Hollywood style stars that are outside the Town Hall and thought that they would make an interesting blog post. Until now, I had never really taken much notice of the stars. I guess you take them for granted if you regularly walk over them.

The stars recognise the people of Sheffield that have been of some significance. I did notice that Jarvis Cocker and the Arctic Monkeys are missing, perhaps they are names for the future. There is not much info online about the creation of the little star walk, just that it was created in around 2005, with local residents being asked who should be honoured.

New legends are identified each year.

Ther is a little video below if you wish to take a look. Thanks or reading.

The current list of stars are:

Gordon Banks – Footballer
Def Leppard – Musicians
Helen Sharman – Astronaut
David Mellor – Cutler and designer
Michael Palin – Comedian and television presenter
Sebastian Coe – Athlete and politician
Derek Dooley – Footballer
Joe Cocker – Singer
Brendan Ingle – Boxing coach
Joe Simpson – Mountaineer
Joe Scarborough – Artist
Michael Vaughan – Cricketer
Sean Bean – Actor
Barry Hancock – Oncologist
Jessica Ennis – Athlete
Margaret Drabble – Novelist
Nick Matthew – Squash World Champion
Steve Peat – Mountain biker
Grace Clough – Paralympic gold medal winner
Clinton Woods – Boxer
Tony Foulds – Organized the “Mi Amigo” memorial flypast