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There is no escaping Only Fans, especially after all the hype surrounding Bella Thorne making over one million dollars in her first day on the adult site. The Bella Thorne hype, as well as Lockdown, saw record numbers of people signing up to the site in the hope of making a few easy $$. But is it that easy to make money on OnlyFans? Surely if it was, everyone would be doing it, and do you have to get your kit off in order to make money?

Only Fans was set up by Tim Stokely, the son of a London banker back in 2016. Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up on the site for free and once you have had your ID verified and you have added your banking details to receive payment, you are away.

Whilst Only Fans is known for being an adult site, you are free to create whatever content you want, as long as it is not against the terms of the site. If you think that you have something that people will pay for, then give it a go. Whilst the majority of content creators do create adult content, there are actresses, models, dancers and fitness professionals on the site who do not make any adult content.

Only Fans is a little bit like Patreon, you offer your fans exclusive content for a price. There are several ways in which creators can make money on OF.

Subscriptions – This is the most popular option. You basically set a price for fans to view your page. You can price your page at $4,99 and up.

Pay Per View (PPV) – You can offer fans a free page with some free content and then upload certain images and videos which they have to pay for, you can set your price for this from $3.

Tips – If your fans feel generous then they may leave you a tip of their own free will.

Pay Per View Messages – You can message all your fans at once with say a video and set a price for your fans to view that video.

You can also do a combination of all these options. Remember OF take 20% of what you make which is a reasonable cut. Creators also can have two accounts and many have a free teaser page as well as a premium paid page.

The top creators on Only Fans are singers and actresses. Blac Chyna, Bella Throne, Cardi B and Tyga. However, if you are already famous it is a lot easier to make money and at a fast pace. One popular account on the platform is called Naked Bakers, with the creators mostly posting content of them baking in the nude. I also found a beauty blogger on the site and an artist who draws images of women, both nude and in their underwear. He does not create adult content himself, instead, he uploads images of his drawings and posts a link to the creator’s page that he has drawn. There are also a lot of foot fetish creators on the site. However, some do pose nude and others just post content of their feet.

Like most online platforms, if you are not already famous, well known or do not have a large online following, then it may be harder for you to grow on the Only Fans as a lot of social media sites do not like promoting adult content (Reddit is the best site to promote adult content). Bella Throne received a lot of backlash from creators who have been on the platform for years and with little success. Her fame enabled her to instantly make a lot of money. However, it can be argued that this scenario is played out on a lot of platforms, including YouTube and writing on Medium.

Understandably, many creators do not want the association with Only Fans just in case it could trash their reputation, especially creators who claim to be squeaky clean. However, the site is growing and growing with more and more stars signing up. If you want to sign up to Only Fans as a creator, you can do so here.

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