The Mi Amigo memorial is located inside Endcliffe Park in Sheffield and is in memory of the World War II crash site of the USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress Mi Amigo.

The plane crashed on the 22 February 1944, as it made its way back from Denmark to base in Northampton. The plane had been badly damaged by Nazi enemy fighters and needed somewhere to land as the engines were failing. The pilot, Lt John Kriegshauser managed to avoid civilians and buildings, crash landing into the woods inside Endcliffe Park. Sadly, the aircraft exploded, killing all 10 airmen on board.

Lt John Kriegshauser was awarded the US Distinguished Flying Cross.

Those killed on board

First Lieutenant John Kriegshauser (pilot)

Second Lieutenant Lyle Curtis (co-pilot)

Second Lieutenant John Humphrey (navigator)

Staff Sergeant Harry Estabrooks (flight engineer/top turret gunner)

Second Lieutenant Melchor Hernandez (bombardier)

Staff Sergeant Robert Mayfield (radio operator)

Sergeant Charles Tuttle (ball turret gunner)

Sergeant Vito Ambrosio (waist gunner)

Sergeant George Williams (waist gunner)

Sergeant Maurice Robbins (tail gunner)

A memorial to the crew was put in place on 25th anniversary of the crash in 1969 and was funded by the Sheffield branch of the RAF Association. Tony Foulds, a Sheffield pensioner has maintained the memorial. After Tony appeared on the BBC news in 2019, stating that he wished for a flypast over the memorial, Tony and the memorial received a lot of local publicity. A flypast took place on the 22 February 2019. Sadly, I was at work but thousands of people turned up to Endcliffe Park to watch the United States Air Force and the Royal Air Force fly over the memorial.

Tony was also given a well deserved star on the Sheffield Legends Walk of Fame outside the town hall in 2019.

There is a book available below if you are interested in reading more.

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